June 15 – Isaiah 37:21-38

Wow. This was a fun chapter. Although not so fun for the poor foot soldiers of Assyria, who were killed in the night. God’s word spoken through Isaiah came true. Totally. Down to the death of the arrogant king himself. And do you want to know the key to this whole wiping out of a menacing army that really could have easily slaughtered the Jewish people?

Prayer. Yup. Isaiah tells Hezekiah in verse 21, that it was because he prayed. I don’t totally understand prayer. God makes His plans and they can’t be thwarted and yet He asks us and even commands us to pray. And when we do? He moves. If we don’t? Sometimes He does not move. Prayer matters to God. Our humble petitions are heard and noted. So often we literally “have not because we ask not” as James tells us in the New Testament. Do we always get our way? Absolutely not. Even Jesus, who asked if there was another way was told, basically, there wasn’t when He agonized in the Garden of Gethsemane. But it’s always okay to ask. And we can always trust that God’s answer is best. Like little children, let’s ask often. Haha! They’re not shy. And if their parents say no? Well then. They’ll ask again for something else two seconds later. It’s okay to ask. In fact, we should ask and seek His will in the asking.

If you are interested in learning more history on the defeat of Sennacherib, who failed to take Jerusalem even according to many secular sources, I’d recommend these articles on the subject. You will see that there are many theories on why Jerusalem wasn’t conquered, but it’s very clear … it was not. Our God answered the kings’ prayers. Hallelujah!




My verse: Isaiah 37:21-22a “Then Isaiah son of Amoz sent this message to He Israel, says: Because you prayed about King Sennacherib of Assyria, the LORD has spoken this word against him …”

My response: I am blown away. Because Hezekiah prayed … 185,000 Assyrian soldiers died in one night and Jerusalem was saved. Father, thank You for this reminder that prayer matters. Help me to ask. Teach me to pray …


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