June 16 – Isaiah 38

We are still studying the history of Hezekiah in this chapter. This is a fascinating story of a time where it surely looks like God changed His mind. And poor Isaiah was running back and forth with lots of messages to the king from God as the verdict on whether or not the king would die was changed. Again, prayer is a mystery. But Hezekiah asked for more time to live and it was granted him. He responded to this miracle with a poem of praise.

I love that Hezekiah thanked God and honored Him, recording what happened for all to read after him. Too often we ask God for help and then don’t bother to thank Him for His rescue when it comes. Not our Hezekiah. It’s recorded and celebrated!

I keep a series of books. Each one is called “My Little Book of Miracles.” In them, I record many answers to prayer that have warmed my heart. We recently had a blog on Musings that titled these “little miracles” we all see from time to time as hugs from Heaven. What a sweet title. Thanks to Donna Perkins, who wrote the blog, for that sweet description. In any case, I write down the answers so that someday, should a child or grandchild be curious, they can see how God – over and over again – answered the cries of my heart in big and tiny ways, letting me know how much He personally cares for me. These books are so precious to me, as they represent so many times of wonder in my life.

How about you? If you are the writing type, I suggest you do the same. Let’s remember what God has done, and let’s share it with others as Hezekiah did in our chapter today. I am always so encouraged to hear faith stories like his. And I’m happy for him that he got his request granted. (Although sadly, during those fifteen years, his son Manasseh was born and he ended up being an exceedingly wicked king. So perhaps, on the whole, Hezekiah might have been better off not asking. Who knows? God’s ultimately in charge, so we will trust what happened as part of His plan.)

My verse: Isaiah 38:19 “Only the living can praise you as I do today. Each generation tells of your faithfulness to the next.”

My response: While I am living, help me to tell of Your faithfulness to my grands. Show me and Ray, Lord, what that ought to look like, please.

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