June 14 – Isaiah 37:1-20

We continue our dilemma, today, as Hezekiah starts to respond to these very real and present threats to the future of his country. He starts by tearing his clothes, dressing in burlap and humbly seeking God in the Temple. I’ll tell you what. Humility is a very good position to choose when in need of God’s help! I love that this was Hezekiah’s first choice. Even before consulting Isaiah. I confess to my shame, that too often I first go to friends and family and only then turn to the Lord with a dilemma. Hezekiah’s way is much wiser.

Isaiah was not spooked by the messages of the Assyrians. I love his response and his prophecy that – at least in the short run – the king of Assyria wasn’t going to come anywhere near Jerusalem. He was going to face his own trouble with an attack on his own country. And, of course, this proved to be the case.

However, the king of Assyria continued his bullying with a final thrust of harassment in his second letter. He’d be back, he informed Hezekiah. And he listed once more his impressive resume of skewering countries and burning their gods.

I love the next part of the story when Hezekiah takes that nasty letter and literally lays it out before the Lord. I love how he then praises God, reminding himself while he does it that God is almighty and perfectly capable of stopping the Assyrians. And there would be no “burning” of God for He was the true God – powerful and mighty and not confined to any piece of wood or stone. This is a triumphant part of the story, in my book. Before there was a final resolution, Hezekiah was confident that God would deal with the situation. I love it!

My verse: Isaiah 37:14 “After Hezekiah received the letter from the messengers and read it, he went up the LORD’s temple and spread it out before the LORD.”

My response: I love this physical response, of literally laying the problem before You, Lord! Make me like Hezekiah. I don’t want to keep problems inside, churning in useless worry and fear. Help me to name them before You –laid out – giving them to You for the fixing and mending.


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