Day Twenty-two – Matthew 2:13-18; Jeremiah 31:15


It’s Christmas WEEK you precious people!! I am so excited.  Hope all is well in your worlds as you prepare to celebrate the coming of the King. Please share what God showed you below:

My verse: Matthew 2:14 “that night Joseph left for Egypt, with the child and Mary, his mother.”

My response: I can’t imagine the trauma of this time. This young couple – already displaced from Nazareth – having to flee AGAIN. I mean running in the night on no notice for the very life of their baby.

Oh, Father! There are so many displaced people on this planet right now. How these verses must comfort them. You, too, were a refugee, fleeing for safety. And my heart breaks at the evil and wickedness of Herod – indiscriminately executing tiny baby boys. The cries of terror and the deep grief echo through the centuries. Somehow Jeremiah “saw” the grief, so intense, centuries before. Oh, what a battle has raged … all to save Your people. Thank You for saving us.

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