Day Twenty-three – Matthew 2:19-23; Luke 2:39-40

Share your comments and insights and verses below, please. I love to read your thoughts and all God showed you.
Did you struggle a bit, like I did, with the very different narratives in Matthew and Luke? Why does one mention Egypt and the other mention just returning to Nazareth? Here’s a look at the timeline if you are interested in how the two accounts weave together:
My verse: Luke 2:40 “There the child grew up healthy and strong. He was filled with wisdom and God’s favor was on him.”
My response: In the obscure little town of Nazareth, Jesus grew up. Miles from Bethlehem, where Herod had killed all those baby boys. It was obviously a good and safe place, and was definitely God’s choice as Joseph’s third dream in Matthew 2:22 makes clear.
Father God, I bring before You my grandchildren and ask that they, too, would grow up “healthy and strong” and “filled with wisdom.” And may Your favor and love be upon them all the days of their lives! Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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