The Four R Method Step Three – RECORD


Want to be fully engaged in your reading? Well then. When you read the passage, ask God to show you a verse. “Your” verse for the day. He will. I’ve done this method for over 30 years, and rare is the day when there isn’t a verse that speaks to me in some way or other. It might be a verse that is confusing and so I want to ponder it further. It might be a verse that convicts me about my behavior in some way (ouch … and yet thank You, Lord!) It might be a verse that helps me understand my glorious God more. Whatever verse is it, I RECORD it. I literally write it out in my journal.

Writing slows me down. It helps me focus. As I write the words down, they go deep in my heart and I can remember them more easily throughout my day. You can’t “skim” a text if you have to find a verse and write it down. Lastly, I have a journal with a record of how God spoke to me, little Sharon, each day. I love it!!

PS – Watch for your reading list later on today. Yahooo!!!

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