The Four R Method Step Four – REPLY


The Four R Method Step Four – REPLY

The last step is a sweet one. In a good conversation, when one person tells you something of note … you acknowledge it and chat about it for a bit before you move on to another topic. Yet, too often in our Bible readings, we read what God has to say to us, and then we immediately change topics and pray for what we need. This should not be! After we have recorded our verse, in the 4 R Method, we REPLY to God. We write Him a little bit back, in our journal, prayer-style, about what He just told us.

If He reminded us to be bold in sharing our faith in the verse we chose, for example, we might write back: “Lord, help me be bold. I am often so afraid to open my mouth. Will you help me, please?” This also reinforces what we’ve learned, doesn’t it? We are interacting with the living, active Word of God. Pretty amazing. So. Are you READY?? We start on Sunday, December 1st. I can’t wait to study His Word together. 

PS – Watch for your first week’s assignments being posted next, or look on the main page for all the assignments.

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