June 6 – Isaiah 10

This was a long chapter! However, I felt it was necessary to read all of it in order to catch the “big idea” here. Yes, God was rightfully angry with his people and would allow the king of Assyria to attack their land and destroy many, many people. But, the king of Assyria would also be punished. He was only allowed to gain victory because God enabled him to be the tool to stop Israel’s terrible idolatry. When we see the evil people in this world thrive, we need to remember that God sees them and God is just. Punishment will come if they do not turn and repent just as surely as it will come to ordinary people if they don’t turn and repent. God is no “respecter of persons.” Nope. We all will someday tremble before His throne and “every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” No exceptions.

The other truth in this long chapter is that although kingdoms rise and fall, although wars and death and harm will come, God’s end game is to “break the yoke of slavery and lift it from (our) shoulders.” (from Isaiah 10:27). Over and over we will see in Isaiah’s prophecies God’s wrath and His mercy on display. I am so very, very thankful that His mercy is so great that all who come to Him in humility and acknowledgement of their need for His saving grace will receive it. This mighty God who can strike terror in us by His immense and total power … loves us. We should remember this always with great humility and exceeding joy.

My verse: Isaiah 10:7 “But the king of Assyria will not understand that he is my tool; his mind does not work that way. His plan is simply to destroy, to cut down nation after nation.”

My response: Father, help me to remember that powerful men are only powerful for a season. You are always in control. Their reign will end. Yours will not. And ultimate victory resides with You – God of justice and mercy, angry for a moment – loving for a lifetime.


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