June 23. I Peter 4:1-11

GRACE LESSONS: I wonder what type of physical pain Peter is referring to in verse 1 of this chapter. If this was the time of Nero—and it was—Christians were literally being burned alive and torn apart by lions. They were enduring searing pain and this had to be heavy on Peter’s mind. At the very start of this section of the letter, we are reminded that Jesus, Son of God, because of His offering of grace to us, felt excruciating physical pain Himself. Jesus did not participate in drunken revelry and all the other immoralities listed in verses 3 and 4. Jesus lived a set apart life, doing His Father’s will and then accepting a torturous death. Peter reminds his followers that God “gets” their pain. He chose to literally put on a human body and feel every bit of the pain Himself.

OUR PASSAGE: The end of the world is near, declares Peter in verse 7. We are always, in every generation, to grasp that. Jesus could return very soon and we are to always be ready for Him. It’s interesting, though, how Peter wants us to prepare. We are to pray. We are to show deep love for each other, forgiving offenses and sharing our food and our homes willingly. We are to use our gifts to serve one another. Then, when He returns, He’ll find us ready for Him living with purpose, our hearts aligned with His!!

My verse: I Peter 4:8 “Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.”

My response: Lord, help me to love deeply. Help me when offended to be able to forgive and to see the hurts another has felt that perhaps led them to hurt me. You are love, my Father God! Fill me full of Your love so it spills out on those around me.

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