Week Four

Introduction to Week Four

We are more than halfway through our study, friends. I enjoyed our little history lesson in the middle of the book. It was fascinating to read about real day to day life in King Hezekiah’s court and to see faithful Isaiah continuing to be God’s mouthpiece in hard and easy situations. His faithfulness and longevity are so admirable. Once he agreed to be sent, he did not look back. I love that about him!

We now move into some of the most moving and glorious and poignant and amazing chapters in the Bible. Isaiah has made a pronouncement that will come to pass soon. Babylon will capture Judah and take the people into captivity. So now he turns to proclamations of comfort as he looks into the future. Being taken into captivity sure seems like it would be an end to Israel, but Isaiah, from his vantage point, sees the truth. It’s an interlude and a hard one, but it won’t last forever. Greater things are yet to come!

We start and end the week with two of the most famous chapters in the whole book. The poetry and beauty in Chapter 40 as Isaiah describes our awesome God is breathtaking. The stunning accuracy in Chapter 53, as Isaiah basically tells the gospel message of our punishment being borne by another, is astounding. Prepare to read and have your mouth drop this week!

June 18 – Isaiah 40

This incredible chapter starts with the words, “Comfort, comfort my people …” The same God who will punish His wayward children and see His land deserted as they are hauled away into a foreign land again, wants to comfort them even as judgment is pronounced. This punishment will not last forever. Take comfort! Better days are coming.

Notice that Isaiah takes us to the future time when John the Baptist will be that “voice crying in the wilderness. Matthew, Mark and Luke all repeat this very passage when they describe John’s ministry. Isaiah starts to see the unfolding of the coming One – the Messiah – the Rescuer – in greater detail. And it takes his breath away.

He gives us great wisdom in this chapter. He reminds us that we are fragile and frail, we humans. Our time on earth is really short in light of the years there have been humans on the planet. Even the scariest dictator will live just briefly and then be gone. Nations will rise and fall. Yet through it all, God sits on His throne. Eternal, Unchanging. Beautiful beyond description.

I love how Isaiah attempts that description. It’s lovely and just begs to be read out loud under the night skies! The chapter ends with the reassurance that those who wait on the Lord and trust in Him will be more than okay. They will be given strength for weakness and they will rise up on wings like eagles. There’s victory ahead for those who turn to Him. We can count on it. I love thinking of Isaiah’s triumphant voice ringing out these words to a frightened people! He saw what was to come and therefore he had a confidence and lack of fear that held.

My verse: Isaiah 40:28 “Have you never heard? Have you never understood? The LORD is the everlasting God, the Creator of all the earth. He never grows weak or weary. No one can measure the depths of his understanding.”

My response: Oh, the beauty of this passage, Lord! Isaiah is trying so hard to wake up a slumbering people. You are really GOD. You are high and lifted up and worthy of all honor and praise.


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