June 16. Acts 12:1-16

GRACE LESSONS: That story of the unbelieving but totally earnest prayer meeting is SO funny! The fact that it became well-known and told to Luke is proof that this Christian community was full of grace. No condemnation for poor Rhoda who left Peter outside. We’re left to chuckle at the shock of the praying people who didn’t believe it when their prayers were answered initially. We’re reassured that even with very, very little faith—if we pray anyway, God can and often does answer yes. Because of His great GRACE for us.

OUR PASSAGE: Peter was told that when he was old he’d be led to a hard death. So, at this stage in his life, when he was still young, God would not allow that death. He had more work for Peter to do. No scheme of Satan or man could stop Peter from living out his purpose. Even if it took angelic rescue! I take great comfort in knowing God has numbered my days as well, and will keep me breathing as long as He has a mission and purpose for me here on earth.

My verse: Acts 12:3 “When Herod saw how much this pleased the Jewish people, he also arrested Peter. (This took placed during the Passover celebration.)”

My response: How callous of King Herod to arrest a man simply because it made him popular. There’s no sense of justice, here. They liked it when James died? Well then. Let’s get another disciple and kill him, too. That’ll shore up my popularity. UGH.  And – at Passover!! Was this just one year since Jesus died at the time of Passover? Possibly. Peter was clearly at peace even in jail. The angel had to wake him up. He was sound asleep, having entrusted himself to You, Lord, knowing Herod only had power if You allowed it. Give me that kind of trust, that You’ve “got me” no matter what!




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