June 14. Proverbs 21.

Hello fellow seeker after the Lord. Happy Friday! How has your week gone? Do you have a steady rhythm by now, knowing each day when and where you will meet with God? I hope so. My corner of the couch, where I always have my quiet time, feels like a “sacred spot.” When I sit there with my tea and my lamp, with the Word of God, the “lamp to my feet and the light to my path,” it’s a holy moment and the very best way to start my day, surrendered to Him. Hope you can find a way to meet with Him this weekend, too. Hold on to that precious time with God with both hands, friend. Oh, how we need His touch and His power to live life well!

My verse: Proverbs 12:31 “The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but victory rests with the LORD.”

My response: So true, Lord! We can do all the great preparation possible to be ready for battle (or, in my case, ready to speak somewhere), but You alone bring victory. You sometimes allowed huge defeats when Israel’s army fought without clinging to You and acknowledging their great need for You. I know that without Your Presence moving in hearts and igniting passion, my talks are just words. Victory/success/life change rests with You alone …

PS on quarrelsome wives: Lord, help me to create a home where LOVE is pre-eminent, so my husband, children, grands and friends want to be here. Make it a place where we overlook offenses and don’t look for quarrels. I don’t want to be combative. I want to be remembered as gentle.

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