June 12. Acts 2:1-21

GRACE LESSONS: We are going to spend two days reading through the great sermon of Peter that led to 3000 people converting to this brand new faith-walk. Through the grace of God, Peter truly was fishing for men at this point, wasn’t he? He spoke with power and authority, using the scriptures and showed many who had probably seen Jesus at one time or another that He was, indeed, Messiah. Son of God. Praise God for this man whom God used so mightily!

OUR PASSAGE: You know what fascinated me this time around reading about Pentecost and the filling of the Holy Spirit? The NOISE. That noise – like a mighty wind – is what had people running to where Peter and the others were gathered, reeling from the experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit and power from on high. It must have been loud. I wonder if they thought it was some kind of explosion or perhaps a big building fallen down? In any case, as these people ran to where the disciples were, they were talked to in their own languages. Can you imagine? Let’s say you are an Egyptian and you arrive on the scene and ask someone what happened. And that someone was one of the 120 original believers and they start explaining it to you … in Egyptian. What?!!  You are shocked. They surely don’t look like they are from Egypt. As more people gather, each is given an explanation in their own tongue. God really wanted those who came to hear the good news without having to strain at listening to it in a second language for them. They heard it in their native tongues. What an incredible moment in time

My verse: Acts 2:14 “Then Peter stepped forward with the eleven other apostles and shouted to the crowd, ‘Listen carefully all of you, fellow Jews and residents of Jerusalem! Make no mistake about this.”

My response: I love that Peter shouted and got everyone’s attention. See? His big mouth WAS needed, wasn’t it?!!  And once it was tamed and under the Spirit’s control, God used it for great good. He had everyone’s attention. And there were thousands who gathered, evidently, seeing as how 3000 were saved that day. (See Acts 2:41.) I love that Matthias, the new guy, was there with the eleven as Peter spoke. I love the authority in Peter’s message and the confidence with which he shares. Peter’s time has come to lead, to teach, to shine! What studying must he have done in order to know the Joel passage well enough to quote it? It’s truly beautiful, Lord, to see this rough fisherman who You loved … start fishing for men by Your grace.

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