February 5. John 21:1-25

It’s Friday, friends! That means it is time to make a good plan for meeting with God over the weekend. We usually have a different routine on Saturdays and Sundays and without intentional planning, quiet times with God can soooo easily be neglected. So … make a plan. When will you meet with the Lord on Saturday? on Sunday? … and then, share what God taught you today. Friday.

Isn’t it fascinating that we started out the week on Monday with a fishing story and here we are on Friday with another one? I actually didn’t plan that, but I do love that these two stories bookend John’s three years of walking with Jesus. I love that Jesus was the same Jesus in this story, helping them fish and loading them up with a huge catch again. He rose from the dead and was still the Son of Man and Son of God. Hebrews 13:8 says, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” He even cooked them breakfast!

I love that John knew who Jesus was and announced it first. I love that Peter is restored in this beautiful passage of Scripture. And I love that John is told, right then, that his story has been planned by God and he can trust that, even though Jesus doesn’t spell out his death for him.

At the end of this passage, John declares that what he wrote was accurate and that he barely scratched the surface of all the stories he could have told. He was an old man when he wrote this gospel. He must have just shaken his head in wonder as he wrote and recalled the vibrancy of those three years where he walked side by side with the Son of God … what a wonder!

My verse: John 21:19 “Jesus said this to let him know by what kind of death he would glorify God. Then Jesus told him, ‘Follow me.'”

My response: First, Lord, let my death also glorify You! Whether it’s peaceful – like I hope and ask you for! – or difficult – let it show You to others, please! Second, thank You for redirecting Peter. It’s so easy for us to look at others, as Peter looked at John (What about him?) but You want us to only look to You, and to follow You alone. Keep my eyes fixed on You today, please.

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