February 4. John 19:25 – John 20:9

Good morning! I love reading your comments. Hope God spoke to you in a special way this morning. But no matter what—you met with Him and that was an offering from you to the One who loves you all by itself.

As we read about Jesus’ death and resurrection in these verses, it’s hard to believe that John’s life is just beginning. He will go on to live another fifty or sixty years or so after this huge life-changing event. John witnessed the most defining event in all of history. He was there. He loved Jesus and he stood by that cross and watched Jesus die. Oh the agony that must have been to his soul! And then, to be asked by His Lord to be the one to care for Mary? What a sobering responsibility for a very young man. And yet what a gift to John that was. Jesus told him, with that request, just how much he trusted him. As long as Mary lived, John had a very personal and special mission from His Savior to care for her. I’d love to know more about those years. Wouldn’t you?

I have a question. Did you LAUGH OUT LOUD like I did when I read John 20:4? “They were both running, but the other disciple outran Peter and reached the tomb first.”  John was competitive enough to want to let us know that he got there first. It just made me smile. Perhaps there is a deeper meaning that I missed, or perhaps he felt it was an important part of the narrative for another reason, but it tickled me! Peter and John, in any case, raced to that tomb, hearts beating out of their chests in a mixture of hope and anxiety I am sure. What a moment that must have been when they saw the empty tomb and the neatly folded grave clothes!

My verse: John 19:27 “And he said to this disciple, ‘Here is your mother.’ And from then on this disciple took her into his home.”

My response: From then on … is a long time!! If Mary was a teen when Jesus was born, she could have still been in her forties when Jesus died. John committed and followed through in his care for her. Also, John must have been a little bit wealthy maybe? He had his own home, in any case. It’s clear he was able to provide for her and he did. His love for Jesus gave him a love for the mother of Jesus, too. Thank you, Lord, for this faithful disciple who did what he was asked to do.

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