December 1. Day Five


December 1 – 1 Corinthians 15:12-33

 Hope. We’ve looked at hope from the time before Christ came as the people of Israel yearned for release from suffering and looked for a Messiah. We’ve celebrated with the first century folk who witnessed Christ coming in the flesh and the fulfillment of that hope. Now, let’s talk about our hope for the second coming of Christ when He will vanquish every enemy beneath His feet! Oh the wonderful sure hope we have that this world, with all the injustices and diseases and bullies, will someday come under the authority and judgment of the living God. We have the Biblical promise right here in Scripture that we will not die and stay dead. Those of us who have turned to Jesus and received forgiveness of sins and a robe of righteousness we do not deserve, will not die. Instead, we will pass from this life into new life in a new body to enjoy fellowship with God forever! Hallelujah!

My verse: 1 Corinthians 15:26 “And the last enemy to be destroyed is death.”

My response: Death really is an enemy, and it can be so cruel. How thankful I am that its power has been destroyed by Jesus’ victory over it, and now it’s lost its sting. We cross over from fading life and pain to everlasting life and joy. The Hope of Heaven is such a shining hope, Lord!

5 Minute Selah Moment – step outside and look up and down and all around and notice what He’s made


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