Check up time: So how are you doing? I have a word of encouragement for you, dear one.

… To the one who has not actually done a lesson yet but she wants to and means to: TODAY is your day! It is never too late to start, friend. Don’t try to catch up. Read today’s passage and go on from here. If you have time, you can backtrack, but don’t feel you have to. This is all about GRACE, dear one. We offer it to you with joy. Please join us. Even now. Especially now.

… To the one who is limping along, trying to keep up, but keeps missing days here and there: Just LOOK at you trying day after day to get the habit of daily time with God established. We applaud you! We are so glad that every time you miss a day you don’t stop. Not you. You try again. and again. May God reward you for your persistence and may you always remember that He waits to greet the repentant one returning from a far land with hugs and a party. NOT with lectures. Grace to you and keep on keeping on. We love you!!

… To the one who is meeting with Him daily: Oh steady one, we are so thankful for you and your desire to daily meet with Him! May God bless your daily times greatly and reveal His will for each moment of your life! Perhaps there is someone you can mentor in this forming of a daily habit. If so … what are you waiting for?!! BEST gift you can give anyone ever is to bring them to Christ and show them the joy of meeting with Him daily. 

To ALL of you: Thanks for being here. Love, Sharon and the Sweet Selah Team 

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