Today’s Musing is from Margaret Fowler.

Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalm 51:7 NIV

When the first snow of winter arrives, it is always a magical transformation. I watch out the window as the snowflakes fall gently, turning everything into a white wonderland. One of our favorite ski trails takes us through woods beside a pond. I love going there just after a snowstorm before any melting. With the trees bowed down under the weight of the snow, it is beyond beautiful.

Snow can also be dangerous. My daughter and I were skiing once in the fields near our home. The snow was falling gently, adding to the picture-perfect day. Suddenly there was a change, and we were in a heavy snow squall! It happened so fast; it took us by surprise. We stood together, not moving. We could not see anything, just a blanket of snow all around us, and no idea which way to go. We were literally blinded. It was a strange feeling! We could do nothing but stand and wait. Then as it had happened so suddenly, it became less heavy after a while, and we could see again as we headed for home.

One winter a few years ago, my husband, Ray, had some health problems and could not do the snow blowing or shoveling. When we expected a big snowstorm, I parked the car at the end of the driveway near the road, so we would be able to get out. I thought it was a good idea. Then, I shoveled a narrow path so we could walk to the car. But I had forgotten about the road plows that, of course, deposited a huge pile of snow right in front of the car! Not a good idea. I looked at it in despair, knowing I couldn’t budge all that snow. Just then, I saw another plow heading our way. I don’t remember if it was a prayer or just a thought, but I hoped he would notice me and help! And he did. Within a few minutes he had cleared away all the blocking snow piles. I was so thankful.

I see so many lessons in these “snow stories.”

The beauty of snow. Think about the color of white. Quite different from the brighter colors like red and blue. No white in a rainbow. We associate white with purity. When Jesus was transfigured on a mountain, “his raiment was white as the light.” God uses that picture when he tells us that “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18b NIV). All our dirt, all our failings, all our sin, He offers to make us pure and clean!

Our helplessness. We surely can’t do it ourselves. Just as we were blinded and lost in the snow, we can’t find our own way. God sent His Son to give His life that we can be cleansed from our sins. If we believe and receive His gift of salvation, we will be called His very own children. What amazing love!

God sends his just-in-time help. As we walk with Him, we find times when the roadway seems blocked with huge piles of snow. In His great love, He hears our prayers and knows our problems, our sorrows, and our roadblocks—and He helps us in our times of need. Sometimes He completely “removes the snow pile.” Sometimes He gives us grace to wait for it to melt.

We need to ask Jesus to cleanse us from our sins and trust Him as our Savior that we may know His love and His guidance as we love Him back and serve Him with our lives. Praise God for His love for each one of us and for making our hearts clean and whiter than snow.

Margaret is Sharon’s Mum. She and her husband have had 66 years of marriage and four children. They enjoy hiking, biking, canoeing, and just being outdoors, watching wildlife. Margaret plays the piano as part of a nursing home ministry. She has written many articles for her church newsletter, and some of these have been compiled into a book, Holding My Father’s Hand, available on Amazon.

Saved by grace,
Margaret Fowler




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