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This online study is almost over. One of the Big Goals of an online Bible Study is to get you SO excited about spending time daily with the Lord, that you never want to stop. So, what’s next? Here are some suggestions for you and no, despite this picture, you do NOT necessarily need to buy one of Sharon’s books! There are LOTS of great studies out there:

  1. Now that you know the 4 R method, any book of the Bible can be studied simply with the Bible, a journal and a pen. Perhaps you’d like to study the full book of John or the full book of Revelation? Or, maybe you’d like to try an Old Testament book. The book of Ruth is a lovely book detailing faithful love. However, there’s no bad choice. All Scripture is inspired, so … pick a book!
  2. Choose a Bible Reading plan. Sharon uses Scripture Union, which takes her through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice over a five year period.
  3. You could try the Chronological Bible and read from cover to cover the entire story of God’s love. That’s ambitious, but you could take your time with it, and study just a chapter a day.
  4. Ask your pastor or women’s ministry director for other ideas for good Bible Studies. Just make sure whatever you choose has you studying the Bible itself – not just commentary on it.
  5. Sweet Selah Moments is Sharon’s first book. There are 100 devotions contained in this book and you will have the opportunity to study a Bible verse with Sharon first and then be invited to “go deeper” and study Bible passages, answering questions.
  6. Give Me Wings to Soar is Sharon’s second book. You will start in the “Nest” and read 15 devotionals that share with you timeless truths about who you are in Christ and how then you ought to live. Next, you will do the “Flight” section. This is very similar to what we just did. You will be given daily readings in the book of Daniel first and then Colossians and Philemon. You will do your 4 R’s and then read Sharon’s commentary. At the end of that book, you will be more than ready to “Soar” on your own little wings to whatever book in the Bible you desire.
  7. Give Me Wings to Soar Journal has a two page description of the 4 R method and then is just set up with the 4 R’s listed with plenty of room to write, following whatever book of the Bible you choose.

You can purchase these books by going to our SHOP site: https://www.godsgirlsstore.com/sweet-selah-ministries. They are also available on Amazon and at christianbook.com. Happy shopping!

Whatever method you choose, would you let us know? It would give us such JOY to know that you are carrying on with daily time with the Lord each day. Having a plan in place will help you not miss a day. You can start right in with something new on March 1st. We will pray for you as you begin. You can comment right here, or … you can email Sharon at sharon@sweetselah.org and share there. Also, don’t forget we’d love to have you on our email list. That way, you will know when future studies are happening. Sign up by writing to: sharon@sweetselah.org. In any case, thank you for taking this journey with us!  Love and Blessings, The Sweet Selah Team

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