The Four R Method: Step One

REQUEST. Before we begin a quiet time, we bow our heads and request God’s help with it. This starting with prayer does several wonderful things:
  • It quiets us, as we bow before the King.
  • It reminds us, as we ask for His help, that He is with us when we read the Word. Present, active, still speaking.
  • It humbles us. We remember that we are needy. We are not able to always understand what we read. We recognize our need for His help.
  • It heightens our focus, as we stop to ask that the Word penetrate our weary brains. It’s no longer just something to read quickly so we can do the next thing. It becomes holy. sacred. precious. Because we’ve invited God to be there and opened our hearts to His voice.
Watch for Step Two tomorrow and PRAY for God to enable all of us to learn and grow from the study, starting this Sunday. Let’s request His help!
Father, help each and every woman in this study to seek You, to hear You, to grow as we meet with You daily. We yield our time to You, Lord. Help us to start this study with eager anticipation and deep wonder that we get to meet with the Creator of the Universe (You!) and learn from You as we await the celebration of the Incarnation. Thank You, Lord! Amen.

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