Seeking Jesus Day Twenty-Five – Mark 13:1-20

Studying prophecy is always fascinating. Oftentimes the prophet goes back and forth between speaking as God (“I, the LORD your God will accomplish this”) and speaking about God (“He will accomplish all He says”). In addition, lumped into the same prophecy can be events separated by many centuries. It’s a kaleidoscopic look at the future, with different pictures coming in and out of view. Jesus’ discourse on the future in Mark 13 is similar. He speaks of the immediate future when the temple will be destroyed and they will be on trial for their lives (See verses 2 and 11, for example). He also speaks of future things that have not yet happened. He points to a time when the Good News will be preached to all nations, for example, in verse 10. I am not smart enough to figure it all out, but here are some general principles I can take from this passage:


  • Just because someone claims to be the Messiah doesn’t mean they are. (vs 6)
  • There will be wars, earthquakes and famines before He returns. Expect them. (vs 8)
  • If I am ever on trial, the Holy Spirit will help me know what to say. (vs 11)
  • There may come a time when “everyone” will hate me. (vs 13)
  • I need to support missionaries, hastening the day of His return, when all nations will have heard (vs 10)
  • Jesus will return! (I am skipping ahead here because I just have to celebrate it! (vs 26)

How about you? What are you learning from this part of scripture? There are many different interpretations of this passage. Some feel all of it has already happened and some look forward to more of it happening. I hope holding on to the principles helps no matter where you fall on the interpretation of Mark 13.

My recorded verse: Mark 13:17 “How terrible it will be for pregnant women and for nursing mothers in those days.”

My response: Oh, Lord, how You love all people! Your heart for the young mothers, who are fierce in their love and desperate to protect their babies is intense. Thank You for the ache I hear as You spoke these words, grieving about a time when little babies will not be safe! You see and You care, dear Lord, for even the tiniest among us.

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