Seeking Jesus Day Ten – Mark 5:21-43

There are sooo many special things to say about today’s reading that I hardly know where to begin. First of all, I love how Jesus was “stoppable” in that crowd, despite a legitimate need to hurry. Because He trusted God’s plan for every moment of His day, when He felt power leave His body, He knew that something significant had happened so He stopped and dealt with it. Right then. I love how He called the woman with the constant horrid bleeding “Daughter.” I love how He showed her she was worthy of notice. She did not have to slink away feeling “less than.” I love her faith! She believed in His power so much she was sure if she could just touch the hem of His garment it would be enough. And it was! I love that Jesus did not consider that He arrived “too late” to then heal Jairus’ daughter. Death itself was no obstacle to Him. He simply told her to “Get up!” … and she did. And yes, I have to use Mark’s favorite word here. Amazing!! I also love that He noted the girl was hungry and asked them to feed her. I wonder how long she’d been sick and had not eaten? Perhaps it had been a long while and her poor body needed that sustenance right away. Jesus’ kindness, His desire to serve women and not just men in His healing ministry, and His practicality all shine in this passage. Oh what a Savior we have! I love being His!

My recorded verse: Mark 5:43 “Jesus gave them strict orders not to tell anyone what had happened, and then He told them to give her something to eat.”

My response: I love the practicality, dear Lord, in this verse. Making sure they didn’t tell about this raising from the dead kept the crowds from growing even larger! We’ve seen those crowds and it makes perfect sense for You to have given that command. And then, You saw her hunger and made sure they got her food right away. I bet they were just standing there in shock up until You had them moving again. Thank You for loving anonymous ashamed women and little girls and healing them, too. Thank You for Your deep love for all of us!

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  • I was struck by how Jesus looked around for the woman who touched Him. He knew exactly where she was and who she was, just like in the Garden when Adam and Eve hid from God and He asked “where are you?”. God knows where we are and exactly what we need but He wants us to come out from hiding and SEEK Him. Boldly and without fear.
    Lord, let me now hide from You or gloss over Your working in my life. I want to come boldly to You seeking and asking and believing that You will work in my life.

    • I had never before seen the similarities between Adam and Eve hiding and the woman who was bleeding hiding. But it is striking that in both cases, God called them out! Thanks for this new thought this morning. And yes, I am with you. “Let me not hide from You, Lord!”

  • I like how Jesus was interrupted by the woman touching his clothes. He realized that power had gone out of him and that his Father was bring forth this woman to get his attention. How many times does God try to get my attention throughout the day and I am too involved in my to-do-list and in my agenda to pay attention to the call of Jesus on my life. I need to honor God’s interruptions!

    • What a good way to look at it, Debbie. “to honor God’s interruptions.” AMEN. And, if we have surrendered the day to Him … what He allows in needs to be noticed!


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