Seeking Jesus Day Seventeen – Mark 9:1-29

Today, we look at the magnificent Transfiguration of Jesus. My! What a moment that must have been. Let’s look at Mark 9:6 for a moment: “He said this because he didn’t really know what else to say, for they were all terrified.” This is one of the verses that lead us to believe Mark might have interviewed Peter as his source for this gospel. Who else would know why Peter would blurt out what he did about building shelters for Moses, Elijah and Jesus? Peter knew why he said it. He was terrified and while some of us freeze and can’t speak under such circumstances, others among us feel the need to fill the air space with words!!

Hear these words from Charles Swindoll as he describes this amazing moment: “For a few moments, the veil of Jesus’ humanity was lifted, and the fullness of His being was allowed to shine through. Up until now, His disciples had seen Him only as a man who performed miracles. Like them, He became hungry and thirsty. Like them, He became weary and had to sleep. But now, in this exhilarating moment, there was an epic transformation of His presence: He shone, and the resplendent glory of His eternal being burst forth. The Transfiguration affirmed Jesus’ glory and coming Kingdom to disillusioned disciples who had just been told about the Cross” (Charles Swindoll Study Bible, NLT, page 1207).

We leave this incredible moment and come back to a world where there are demon-possessed children, distraught fathers, and ineffective disciples. Jesus heals where they could not, and points to the absolute importance of prayer in casting out evil spirits. Prayer is SO important. It places us under God Almighty with our petitions and it ensures that we will remember and know Who has the power and who does not.

My recorded verse: Mark 9:15 “When the crowd saw Jesus, they were overwhelmed with awe, and they ran to greet Him.”

My response: Did some of that glory from the Transfiguration linger, Lord? Did You seem larger, grander, “more than” human? I love how You calmly dealt with and dispatched the demon. Nothing is too difficult for You! And I loved and often echo the father’s cry: “Lord, I believe, help my unbelief! There is none like You, Lord.

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