Season 7 Sweet Selah Moments Podcast, Sweet Selah Moments Podcast

Episode 110 – His Strength in Our Weakness. 100th Episode Celebration

Season 7 Sweet Selah Moments Podcast
Season 7 Sweet Selah Moments Podcast
Episode 110 - His Strength in Our Weakness. 100th Episode Celebration

Join Nicole and Sharon and a host of others as we share our own journey toward a podcast totally run and fueled by God because of our own weaknesses. This one is personal. And short. Because after our sharing, come interviews with followers and friends plus the people behind the scenes at WORD Radio. This is our last episode of Season Seven and it’s full of celebration, giving glory to the One who gives strength when we are weak. Enjoy! See you in September 2023 for Season Eight …

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Read the transcript for His Strength in our Weakness. 100th Episode Celebration -Episode 110

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Welcome to a podcast designed to bring biblical encouragement to your weary soul. We are so glad you’re listening and we pray God blesses you and strengthens you in your walk with him. The Sweet Selah Moments Podcast is brought to you by the cooperative efforts of Sweet Selah Ministries and Word Radio. Sit back and enjoy.

Nicole (00:28):

Welcome to the Sweet Selah Moments Podcast. This is episode 110, His Strength In Our Weakness. This is our last episode for season seven, and it’s a bit different from a normal episode. We are actually taping it early during our 100th episode podcast party April 1st. As we talked about how to celebrate 100 episodes, we both wanted to make sure God got the glory, particularly because we know our own weaknesses so well. Let’s start right there with our weaknesses and then move on to God’s strength. Sharon, tell us what makes you feel weak when it comes to creating and producing a podcast.

Sharon  (01:06):

Well, to start with, I couldn’t produce a podcast to save my life, which is why we are so grateful to Word Radio for helping us with it.

Nicole (01:14):


Sharon  (01:15):

I’m not a technology person.

Nicole (01:16):


Sharon  (01:17):

I only like computers when they work. I want to pound on them with my little fist when they do not. And I remember during Covid we had one episode where we were trying to tape from home.

Nicole (01:29):


Sharon  (01:29):

Do you remember? I could never get the volume.

Nicole (01:31):

No. It took us over an hour and a half to just figure out—

Sharon  (01:33):

We got nowhere.

Nicole (01:34):


Sharon  (01:34):


Nicole (01:35):

It was not fun.

Sharon  (01:35):

It was really sad. So, weakness number one, cannot do technology. Weakness number two, when we first started, I’d never listened to a podcast. I actually didn’t know what they were. (Nicole: Really?) I had no idea. And yet, (That’s so funny) my board said, I think you should do a podcast. I’m like, okay. What’s that? (Whatever that is) And then, general weakness is just that we do so many other things, you and I, it’s not like we just do a podcast. (Sure) You’re very involved. I’m very involved in other things. So the attention we give, it never seems to be the amount I feel, as a perfectionist, (Mm-hmm) we ought to give. (Yes) And yet I feel like that’s where God wants me. (Mm-hmm) I think every time when I come to the studio, frazzled about something, (Mm-hmm, there’s always something) which is what God seems to allow every time, I have to settle my spirit. We all pray together. And I have to remember, oh yeah. It’s not about my strength. (Yes) It’s okay that I’m weak. In fact, God works best when I’m not full of myself, when I’m crying out to him to help me because I can’t do it. (Yeah) So that’s where he basically puts me every time we do a podcast taping. How about you?

Nicole (02:51):

About the same. Yeah. It feels that way, doesn’t it? It’s always something very troubling or very, um, heavy on Tuesdays sometimes. (Sharon: Yeah) I’ll tell you there’s something about that. But I think that is a good place to be because we can’t carry on in our own strength. We have to look to God. You know, I think every taping, I’m always very aware of my weaknesses. First off, my big one is that I’ve battled anxiety all of my life. And there are just some days that I get caught up thinking I didn’t prep or practice enough. You know, and anxiety kicks in and you just forget words. (Yeah. Yeah) It’s like, Lord, give me words. And he does. He always comes through and helps. And even when I think, oh, that sounded absolutely crazy. It doesn’t, somehow he uses it anyway. I don’t know.

Sharon  (03:34):

Isn’t it amazing?

Nicole (03:35):

It is you know. And the second thing that’s always making me, makes me feel weak is being recorded while speaking. I have been made fun of and teased my whole life for talking too much, too fast. Like, oh, Nicole, the chatter box. And I’ve hated that about myself. And for God to use a thing that I’m most self-conscious about or most dislike about myself for his glory, I would not have chosen this way to bring myself glory. So it’s gotta be for him. Cause this is not fun.

Sharon  (04:03):

I so love that. And I wanted you so much to tell that to our listeners because we want so much for you all to know. That it’s God’s strength alone that enables us to even do this thing. Isn’t it?

Nicole (04:14):

Oh yeah. No, this is not something we’re naturally fantastic at. (Sharon: No, no) This is rather a dying to oneself every Tuesday we record.

Sharon  (04:22):

It sure is. It’s sacrificial every time. So

Nicole (04:22):

For sure.

Sharon  (04:25):

Let’s move on to the amazing truth that God actually works best (Nicole: Yes) through weakness by looking at Paul’s story of weakness in 2 Corinthians 12:1-10. So why don’t you read verses one through four to start with, and we’re gonna kind of break it into sections.

Nicole (04:39):

All right. So 2 Corinthians 12, “Paul’s vision and his thorn in the flesh. This boasting will do no good, but I must go on. I will reluctantly tell about visions and revelations from the Lord. I was caught up to the third heaven 14 years ago. Whether I was in my body or out of my body. I don’t know. Only God knows. Yes only God knows whether I was in my body or outside my body. But I do know that I was caught up to paradise and heard things so astounding that they cannot be expressed in words, things no human is allowed to tell.”

Sharon  (05:13):


Nicole (05:13):


Sharon  (05:14):

So Paul basically starts out kind of squirming almost as he admits to having been blessed with visions and maybe being in heaven.

Nicole (05:21):

I know. It’s kind of interesting isn’t it?

Sharon  (05:22):

Yeah. It’s like you know, I kind of don’t wanna even talk about this because I can’t tell you what I saw. It was too crazy. It was too wild.

Nicole (05:29):

Mm-hmm. Yeah.

Sharon  (05:29):

Can you imagine?

Nicole (05:30):

To try to describe a really strange dream you have. It’s like, well, it’s hard to describe it.

Sharon  (05:32):

But it was real. Right?

Nicole (05:34):


Sharon  (05:35):

So it’s so funny when Paul says, there’s another place in scripture where he says, I was like an apostle abnormally born. The other apostles all saw Jesus and walked with him. Well, guess what. Paul did too. But Paul was brought to heaven, whether in his body or out of his body, he doesn’t know. (Nicole: Yeah) To see Jesus face to face. (Wow) I mean, that’s unique. (Very) Very unique. So he starts off this whole section with, I actually got to go to heaven and come back.

Nicole (06:05):

That’s a good grab ya kind of thing for, to begin a story with.

Sharon  (06:07):

It sure is. All right.

Nicole (06:09):

Actually I went to heaven.

Sharon  (06:09):

So let me now read the next section that deals with the weakness Paul was given. That experience says Paul is worth boasting about, but I am not going to do it. “I will boast only about my weaknesses. If I wanted to boast, I would be no fool in doing so because I’d be telling the truth. But I won’t do it because I don’t want anyone to give me credit beyond what they can see in my life or hear in my message. Even though I have received such wonderful revelations from God. So to keep me from becoming proud, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger from Satan to torment me and keep me from becoming proud”. Oh my goodness. This is so fascinating to me. (Nicole: It is) God allows the enemy in sometimes, he did with Job. (Yeah) Satan said, can I have a go at Job? And God said yes.

Nicole (07:00):

I know. It’s so wild to think about.

Sharon  (07:03):

And here we have Paul saying God’s allowed Satan to torment me so I won’t be proud. Isn’t that fascinating? And he’s glad about it.

Nicole (07:14):

Yeah. Oh, I think of a tormenting spirit, I think of Saul. But it was a different, it was a different tormenting spirit, I think for Saul. For Paul. He’s saying here, Paul’s saying it’s keeping him humble.

Sharon  (07:23):


Nicole (07:23):

And close to God.

Sharon  (07:25):

Yep. And dependent on God. And that’s why he’s glad. And I get it in the sense that whenever I think I’m hot stuff, I fall on my face. (Nicole: Yes) I don’t do well. (Yes) I need to be kept reminded that it’s through God’s strength and not my own. And I think that’s what Paul is saying here.

Nicole (07:44):

Yeah. And also when you’re going through, if you have a day, I’m thinking of something physical. If you wake up with a daily pain or an ailment or something that , some physical thing, you do have to kinda like, okay, God, this morning I feel even worse than I did yesterday. Like, please help me today.

Sharon  (07:57):

I can’t do it without you. Literally.

Nicole (07:58):

Right. There’s a walking with him like, (Sharon: Yes) I physically cannot go through my day and serve you without your help. (Right) So it becomes like this beautiful relationship with God.

Sharon  (08:08):

Yeah. Dependence, a yoking.

Nicole (08:10):

Right. Because we don’t always talk to him on the good days. I don’t.

Sharon  (08:13):


Nicole (08:13):

When I’m just feeling great?

Sharon  (08:14):

Yeah. Off you go.

Nicole (08:15):

Sun’s shining. Off I go. But when I’m going through something tough or a daily thing, I’m definitely gonna be seeking him more.

Sharon  (08:21):

Right. Right. That’s good. Okay. Finish the little passage. We’re gonna end with verse 10, but start at verse eight there.

Nicole (08:27):

All right. “Three different times I begged the Lord to take it away. Each time he said, My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness. So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses so that the power of Christ can work through me. That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses and in the insults, hardships, persecutions and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

Sharon  (08:50):

Oh my goodness. Nicole, what is Paul saying about weakness here?

Nicole (08:53):

I think he’s trying to get it across, not to view weakness as a bad thing. (Sharon: Right)As a curse. (Mm-hmm) He’s saying that he’s rejoicing in taking pleasure in weaknesses, insults, persecution and troubles, which we do not naturally do.

Sharon  (09:06):

No, we do not.

Nicole (09:07):

But he’s saying he does now with God’s strength.

Sharon  (09:09):

Yeah. Because then you get to see God’s strength. (Nicole: Right) And you know, I remember when we were super poor and we got to see God’s provision in miracle after miracle (Yes) as he provided. (Yep) If we’d had enough money, which we now do, I’m not seeing the miracles because I don’t need the things because we have the money we need. (Right) And I guess in the same way, you don’t see God’s strength at work if you’re just revving along without some kind of weakness yourself. (Mm-hmm) And Paul needed a big weakness of some kind (Yeah) in order to not, um, kind of be all braggy, I guess.

Nicole (09:45):

I guess so cause he had quite the, he could have been, he’s mentioned that before. He was the Jew of all Jews and had the lineage and the knowledge.

Sharon  (09:51):

That’s true.

Nicole (09:52):

He was so maybe he could have easily become like the Christian of all Christians, you know?

Sharon  (09:56):

Yes. Because he got to go to heaven.

Nicole (09:57):


Sharon  (09:57):

Right. Yeah.

Nicole (09:58):

So maybe God knew that and out of kindness for him and his soul gave him that trouble.

Sharon  (10:02):

He said, All right tormenting spirit, have at Paul. Yowsers.

Nicole (10:03):

Yeah. God knows us so well and he loves us. And even in these things that seem like, oh, why would God send a tormenting spirit to poor Paul? He’s serving God, doing the right thing. (Sharon: Uh-huh) But God sees the bigger picture and he saw Paul’s heart. (He does. Yeah) So there’s a reason why he did this.

Sharon  (10:18):

Uh huh, and Paul recognized it.

Nicole (10:19):


Sharon  (10:20):

Go Paul for recognizing it.

Nicole (10:21):

That’s so good. He did. Yes.

Sharon  (10:22):

Yeah. You know, a lot of scholars think Paul’s problem was with his eyes.

Nicole (10:26):

Oh really?

Sharon  (10:26):

You know, I was thinking he was blinded by that light on the road to Damascus after all, and was totally blind for three days until Ananias bravely came and laid hands on him. So maybe that weakened them.

Nicole (10:37):


Sharon  (10:37):

We aren’t sure. But there are two passages in Galatians that give us hints that the problem was the eyes. So can you read them for us?

Nicole (10:43):

Yeah, sure. So Galatians 4:13-15 says, “Surely you remember that I was sick when I first brought you the good news, but even though my condition tempted you to reject me, you did not despise me or turn me away. No. You took me in and cared for me as though I were an angel from God or even Christ Jesus himself. Where is that joyful, grateful spirit you felt then? I am sure you would’ve taken out your own eyes and given them to me if it had been possible.”

Sharon  (11:10):

So there’s the first one.

Nicole (11:11):


Sharon  (11:12):

So scholars look at that, You would have taken out your own eyes, they wonder if he had some kind of, I mean it was unpleasant, you know, stingy eye thing that maybe looked gross.

Nicole (11:22):

Right. Because he says You would’ve rejected me. So it was a visible ailment.

Sharon  (11:25):

It was visible. How embarrassing.

Nicole (11:27):

I know.

Sharon  (11:27):

He’s trying to share the gospel and tell about Jesus and he’s got these icky eyes.

Nicole (11:30):

With leaky eyes.

Nicole (11:32):

Well, I’ll read the next one too. So Galatians 6:11 says, and this is all in bold print, it says, “Notice what large letters I use as I write these closing words in my own handwriting.”

Sharon  (11:44):

And there’s the second hint.

Nicole (11:46):


Sharon  (11:46):

Maybe he had to write large cause he couldn’t see well.

Nicole (11:49):

How interesting. I never saw those verses before. (Sharon: Yeah) That’s really interesting.

Sharon  (11:53):

Yeah. And it’s guesswork, cause Paul never says, And it was my eyes that I had the affliction with, you know?

Nicole (11:58):

Right. Yeah.

Sharon  (11:58):

So people have guessed all kinds of things. (Nicole: Oh yeah) But those are the passages that say that it’s probable, that something might have been wrong with his eyes. (Wow) Yeah. So I can’t imagine how awful it would be to lose my sight, even partially. (Oh, I know) I love reading so much. And it sounds like it was painful too. (Mm-hmm) And yet Paul’s glad. His desire to be useful to God was greater than his desire for perfect health. And he knew that an unattractive and annoying health issue would keep him humble. (Yeah) And therefore useful to his God. And God gave him the strength to carry on because Paul had to continually rely on God and not his own strength. (Hmmm) So as we close out this section of the little podcast, let’s rejoice that God is able to work through our weaknesses.

Nicole (12:42):


Sharon  (12:43):

Because he surely has, hasn’t he?

Nicole (12:44):

Oh, he has. Every time we record, we always finish and go, Oh, thank you Lord. That wasn’t what we prepared or thought we were gonna say. And it’s always just what he wanted us to say. And we’re so thankful for him to show us every time.

Sharon  (12:56):

We are so grateful. Yes. So yes, it’s a celebration of a hundred episodes, but we are not patting ourselves on the back.

Nicole (13:03):


Sharon  (13:03):

We’re like, how? How did we do this, only by God.

Nicole (13:07):

And by the end of the race we’re like, ok, keep going.

Sharon  (13:11):

Oh. So thank you Jesus.

Nicole (13:13):

Yes. Yes.

Sharon  (13:14):

Okay, so we’re gonna finish up with some comments from you, our listeners now. As you listen, remember that all glory goes to God, the one who gives us strength to do the podcast. This is what God can do when we yield. I don’t ever wanna think we can do it on our own because we can’t.

Speaker 2 (13:33):

Dear Sharon and Nicole, these podcasts from the book of Nehemiah have been a blessing to me. I have been instructed, convicted, encouraged, and inspired. Thank you for sharing your hearts, insights and stories in ways we can relate and respond to. May the joy of the Lord be your strength.

Sharon  (13:54):

Selah Ministries has been a blessing in my life. One particular incident was something Sharon said during a women’s retreat, the importance of those Sweet Selah times with the Lord and how establishing them early on carried her through some of the hard times in her life. I always remembered that wisdom. So when I lost my husband, I was so heartbroken. But it was those Sweet Selah Moments that carried me through, along with amazing people God brought into my life.

Speaker 4 (14:25):

What a blessing this is. I listened to it on the way to work last week. It was exactly what I needed in this very emotional, raw and difficult season after the sudden passing of my brother. I love the format with you and Nicole. I’m going to carefully listen and spread them out so I don’t finish the season by next week. Thank you.

Speaker 5 (14:46):

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying the podcast. I reviewed it on iTunes and shared it with my clan in today’s email. I hope it brings you many more listeners and their faith is strengthened because of the work you and your team do. Thank you for what you do. And be sure your team knows that they are appreciated too.

Speaker 6 (15:08):

I have been so blessed by the ministry that God has entrusted to you ladies. My husband and I started protecting our Sabbath days and we have noticed God’s attitude adjustments that have been happening in our lives. Thank you for allowing God to use you. God bless you.

Speaker (15:26):

I just listened to episode eight. I swear I could sit and listen to you and Nicole all day. So thankful for you two. I am starting my 21 day challenge today. I wish I could have listened to this earlier.

Speaker (15:39):

So glad to have your podcast available again after the summer break. Thank you for this timely reminder of studying God’s word for ourselves. There are treasures just waiting for us to discover, but we have to do our part and look for them. God’s blessing to you.

Speaker 9 (15:58):

This week has been a real doozy with a lot going on and a lot of moving parts. I was really feeling the negativity all today and walked into the gym tonight with an attitude, I was going to show the treadmill who was boss. Usually I listen to music on the treadmill, but tonight for some reason, aka a nudge from Jesus, I turned on the latest episode of Sweet Selah Podcast. It was just what I needed. I still slayed the treadmill, but my attitude has changed.

Sharon  (16:33):

Oh my goodness. Thank you to all of you who wrote in and thanked us for the podcast. It’s such an encouragement to get these comments and these are just a few, you really don’t need to hear them all. But we are blessed to know that something that we have offered has been a blessing to you. We’re gonna hear from some people now that are here in the studio. So enjoy hearing what they have to say. Cindy, thanks for coming to our party today.

Cindy (17:08):

You’re welcome.

Sharon  (17:09):

You have a unique, role in Sweet Selah Ministries. So how did you first hear about us before you share with our listeners your uniqueness?

Cindy (17:18):

Well my daughter is the moderator for your podcast, which is spectacular.

Sharon  (17:23):

Ah, and the secret’s out. There you go.

Cindy (17:25):

But I heard about you first through my church.

Sharon  (17:27):


Cindy (17:28):

Because we go to church together.

Sharon  (17:29):

Yes we do. Yeah. And the word gets around about Sweet Selah. Yeah. Yeah.

Cindy (17:33):

It does. It’s awesome.

Sharon  (17:33):

So do you get to ever listen to the podcast?

Cindy (17:35):

I do, I do.

Sharon  (17:36):


Cindy (17:37):

I love listening to my daughter on the radio.

Nicole (17:39):

That’s so cute.

Sharon  (17:40):

Isn’t it?

Cindy (17:41):


Sharon  (17:42):

She makes it so happy, Cindy.

Cindy (17:44):

Yes. Yeah.

Sharon  (17:44):

All Nicole wants to do is serve the Lord and laugh.

Cindy (17:47):

Exactly. Yeah.

Sharon  (17:48):

It’s a a nice combo.

Cindy (17:49):

Oh, it’s wonderful.

Sharon  (17:50):

It really is.

Cindy (17:50):

Yep. She’s great.

Sharon  (17:51):

We have a lot of fun together. We really do.

Cindy (17:52):

You do. And you can tell it. Yep. That’s why I love the podcast cause you can really hear that joy and that fun. So it’s good.

Sharon  (17:58):

Good, good. Yep. We enjoy so much, um, entering the word and studying the word, but trying to make it practical.

Cindy (18:03):

Absolutely. And it’s great.

Sharon  (18:05):

So. And having Nicole’s perspective cause she’s younger. (Cindy: Mm-hmm) You know, it’s been a while since I’ve had kids and I never had four. (Right). Yeah. (Yep). So Yes. (That’s neat) That’s so fun. So when do you listen? Do you listen in the car?

Cindy (18:15):

In my car. Yeah. Usually all the way to work. (Sharon: Yep) Because it gets me going for the day.

Sharon  (18:19):

I love it.

Cindy (18:19):

I love it. Yes.

Sharon  (18:19):

Well, thank you so much and thanks for being such a great mom to Nicole.

Cindy (18:22):

You’re very welcome.

Sharon  (18:23):

We appreciate that.

Cindy (18:24):


Sharon  (18:28):

Donna, how did you first hear about Sweet Selah Ministries? Do you remember?

Donna (18:33):

Actually, I do. I believe it was at one of the retreats (Sharon: Oh) that I had gone to. And I’ve been going to a few throughout the years. (Uhhuh) But that’s when I first saw you. And I think one of them Jere Vincent (Yes, yes) yes, he was there. So I think that was one of the ones where I really got to know you a little bit more.

Sharon  (18:56):

Uhhuh, uhhuh. I’m so glad. And you get all our stuff, which is fun.

Donna (19:00):

I do. I get your emails every day. You know the daily messages that you have and notes and information and (Sharon: Good, good) inspirations.

Sharon  (19:10):

Yeah. Yeah. And that’s our goal is just to inspire and help as best we can.

Donna (19:15):


Sharon  (19:16):

And, and point people to the scriptures. Of course. Absolutely.

Donna (19:19):

Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. And I look forward to looking at the events coming up, things that are coming up.

Sharon  (19:24):

Good. Well you just keep coming because I love having ya.

Donna (19:28):

Thank you. I enjoy it.

Sharon  (19:31):

So Rosanna, thank you for coming to our party today. How did you first hear about Sweet Selah Ministries and the podcast?

Rosanna  (19:39):

Well, I think through friends and I have heard you at the Maranatha Ministries, which you were excellent. And also at the tea party.

Sharon  (19:48):

Oh, it was so fun having that tea party, wasn’t it?

Rosanna  (19:50):

Yes. Yes.

Sharon  (19:51):

At the Silver Fountain Inn. And, um, what do you enjoy most about the ministry?

Rosanna (19:57):

I just enjoy your talks. I think one thing that really stands out is the importance of those Selah times. (Sharon: Yes) And how I remember you shared how it’s so important to have that because it’s what carries you through the trials and the hard times. And so recently I lost my husband, 10 months ago, but it was during those Selah times that I cried out to God that he really ministered to me.

Sharon  (20:23):

Only God can take something so sad and so hard and just make something beautiful out of it.

Rosanna (20:27):


Sharon  (20:28):

Amen. I wanna introduce you, Ron, to our podcast listeners because you are essential to this podcast and I am so grateful. Tell, tell everybody what do you do to help us?

Ron (20:40):

Well, Sharon, you know that we had a combined good idea some three years ago to use the radio studio recording facilities to help Sweet Selah Ministries do an important task. And that is how about make a good recording?

Sharon  (20:57):

Absolutely. And Nicole and I have the technology knowledge of a gnat. And so we were so grateful when you said we could come and record here and partner with Word Radio. It’s been fantastic.

Ron (21:10):

I knew it was going to work, but I was pretty sure it would be quite laborsome and it turned out to be easy and fun with you guys.

Sharon  (21:18):

It has been. And we always start with prayer. We always ask the Lord to bless it and Ron I’m so grateful for your prayers and the heart you put into just wanting what we want, which is what we say to honor God and encourage others.

Ron (21:35):

As you know, the theme, the central theme for Word Radio is God’s precious word (Sharon: Yes) the Bible.

Sharon  (21:41):

We have tried really hard to keep the podcast Bible centered. We love chatting. (Ron: Yes) But what matters the most is that Sweet Selah Moment where we’re actually reading the Word because we know we won’t mess up then because it’s God’s word. Our words are so fallible, which is why we pray. But God’s word is eternal and it’s true. And getting it out over the airwaves, however that happens is a blessing. So thank you Ron. I’d love to introduce you next to Ron Malone’s beautiful wife with a really nice name, Sharon Malone. Sharon, how fun to have another Sharon. There aren’t many of us.

Sharon Malone (22:19):

No. And there are less as time goes on.

Sharon  (22:21):

There are. So I feel like we’re quite unique and it’s kinda fun that we get to work together. Sharon, would you tell our listeners what is your role? I mean I think they’re gonna recognize your voice just as you talk. But what’s your role in producing the podcast?

Sharon Malone (22:35):

I was asked to be the voice at the beginning and the end of the program and I would like to give credit to your nephew who gave us our first podcast music. (Sharon: Yes) And I do a lot of the editing and you need to have a good music bed underneath what you’re doing. So I’m grateful for that. And I take the raw files when Sharon and Nicole get done and Ron passes them off to me and I get to hear a little bit of the chatter before and a little bit after as they decompress. And not too much. And it’s just fun because I feel like I’m in the studio with you a little bit and then I have to edit off all of that chatter and then add the intro and the outro. So that’s what I do.

Sharon  (23:20):

We are so grateful for you, especially because if we mess up, we don’t have to start all over again. We just sort of stop and say, Sharon Malone, we’ve messed up, we’re starting back here. And then we go forward and let’s face it, we mess up. Yeah.

Sharon Malone (23:36):

Yeah. And sometimes we forget to say, oh we did a mess up. We need to.

Sharon  (23:40):

Yes we do. And poor Sharon has to go back.

Sharon Malone (23:43):

And I was, you know, we have to try to listen carefully to all ends and even in the beginning and the end once we see what happens. (Sharon: Yes) So God is always in control. Ron always tells me that when you’re recording, even if the mistake goes through, people need to know you’re human.

Sharon  (24:00):

Absolutely. And we actually, believe it or not, we have one follower of the podcast, the favorite parts for her are when we mess up and we’re like, Really?

Sharon Malone (24:10):

And they never quite know when you go off script because your stories are so wonderful.

Sharon  (24:13):

I know it. Yeah.

Sharon Malone (24:14):

In your examples. So, and it’s just a great pleasure and a joy to help people to learn to rest in the Lord and spend time with our Heavenly Father and have some direction. And that’s what you and Nicole, you’re good guides on the way. So.

Sharon  (24:30):

I think this is the way Christians are supposed to do life. We partner. You know, Sweet Selah is a distinctive ministry from Word Radio, but we have the same Savior, the same Lord, the same love for the scriptures. And when we can partner together, better things happen. Cause trust me, Nicole and me trying to do this without the studio, we don’t even wanna go there.

Sharon Malone (24:54):

Well, we’re grateful that we have this studio. We didn’t always have these wonderful facilities. So God has provided for all of us. (Sharon: Yes) And so we do a lot of ‘one-anothering’.

Sharon  (25:03):

We do. We do. Thank you so much.

Sharon Malone (25:05):

You’re welcome Sharon.

Sharon  (25:07):

So Carol Corbett, who sometimes does ads for us, thank you so much. And who markets for us. What’s, what’s your contribution to the podcast? I mean I can tell you what I think it is, but what do you think it is? Cause I don’t know if you know how important you are.

Carol (25:25):

Well I do a lot of promotional things for you folks, including gather spots for all of your wonderful events.

Sharon  (25:33):

Thank you.

Carol (25:34):

But aside from that, I think mostly it’s emotional support and providing assistance from far off places.

Sharon  (25:41):

I was going to mention that emotional support. Yes. And I’m glad you zeroed in on that because just having your happy face in Word Radio and your just encouragement and your sense of humor that keeps things from feeling heavy and more serious than I can be has been absolutely refreshing and wonderful. So thank you just for being you and supporting us in the ways that you do and being in that little background room making graphics and making things happen for us. Thank you.

Carol (26:12):

Oh, you’re so welcome.

Ron (26:14):

Heavenly Father, we just thank you for using so much in our lives, sometimes very unusual and unfamiliar things like a podcast to speak intimately to us from time to time. We know that because the podcast is dedicated around the word of God and about the Holy Spirit doing his work through the word of God in our lives, that things can be accomplished for the kingdom, both for women and men who hear, and done for the glory of God. So we thank you for the time that you’ve given us, that you’ve given the inspiration to Sharon and Nicole and others to formulate the podcast and to have it technically be able to be delivered. Thank you for all of those who have taken part in all of this. We give the past and dedicate to you thinking for the future that you’ll give us horizons of ingenuity and initiative that you might be maximally glorified in our lives. Thank you, heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus Christ, your Son, we pray. Amen.

Nicole (27:28):

Amen. Thanks for listening to this last podcast. We are taking our summer break now, but we’ll be back in September. We hope many of you’ll meet us at our first ever Sweet Selah Retreat. You can find out all about it by going to our website and clicking on the Refuge Retreat 2023 tab. Comments are so welcomed and appreciated. They keep us going some days. You can comment on this episode at Donations are needed. Would you consider becoming a podcast partner? Go to Thanks so much. We wish you a beautiful summer and may you discover the amazing strength of God as you come to him with your own weaknesses. God bless you.

Speaker 1 (28:13):

We are so glad you stopped for a while with us. The Sweet Selah Moments Podcast is a cooperative production of Word Radio and Sweet Selah Ministries. More information about this podcast can be found Thank you for joining us.


You can download and print the transcript here.

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