Hello dear John Study ladies! THANK YOU. So many of you have kindly sent money via our website and/or by old-fashioned mail to help fund this study. You have helped above and beyond what was needed and we are so grateful God placed it on your hearts to bless in this way! So. For those of you who have not yet donated, do not feel badly about it. You were covered by others. ❤ For those of you who still wish to donate toward future online studies, paying it forward, you can write a check and mail to: Sweet Selah Ministries, 4 Riverdale Avenue, Dover, NH 03820 or you can click here for secure online giving: https://sweetselah.org/donations/. Or here: https://donate-usa.keela.co/donation-form29.
Also, the BEST gift we could receive from you would be your prayer support, so if you’d like to be on our email list, please just ask: Email sharon@sweetselah.org.
Happy studying in the days ahead!!

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