Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good. —1 Peter 2:2-3 NIV

The room is dark, lit only by the light down the hall. The rocker glides back and forth, back and forth as we nestle together. His little eyes are closed and his mouth is busy, drawing warm milk from his bottle. I hum softly, tears welling in my eyes as I gaze at this beautiful baby boy. Who knew that in my sixties I would again have the joy of watching a little one take nourishment? The sweetness of feeding time overwhelms me once more, and I rejoice in this gift of time, unexpectedly given.

Of all the activities I’m going to miss when our grandchildren and their parents leave, this quiet feeding time will be among the ones I miss the very most. What is it about giving nourishment to a little one that is so sweet? Is it the knowledge that they are helpless without us that gives extra poignancy? Is it the trust I see in his eyes as he nestles in my arms, sure of the goodness in that bottle? Is it the gratitude that wells up in me that at least this little one is able to live in safety in our home never doubting that he will be fed? Probably all of these and more. I loved nursing my own precious daughters, and I have loved bottle feeding my tiny grandson when his mama was out.

And then I turn to this scripture. What about me? Do I crave pure spiritual milk? When I sit with the Word of God across my lap in the early morning hours, cup of tea in hand, do I yearn to be satisfied from His good hand? The Bible is very clear here. This coming to be nourished. This act of trust, mouth open to receive, is what will help me grow up in my salvation. Now that I’ve tasted of His goodness (and, oh, I have!) do I still come for more? Like my grandson, who doesn’t think one feeding is enough, but wants his milk repeatedly throughout the day, I need to crave more. And more.

When I come eager, like a newborn babe, trusting that the Word will nourish and fill me, I am satisfied. Filled up full of His truths, His reminders of His love, His wisdom for the day. I start my day in a place of contentment. He and I have nestled in the dawn of the day. Perhaps He has even hummed over me, tears welling in His loving Abba-eyes as He gazes at His daughter taking nourishment. Do I bring my Father God pleasure when I receive the feeding offered freely from His Word and from His Spirit? Yes, I believe I do.

Lord, help me to always crave the pure spiritual milk that comes from You. Like a baby, help me yearn for it repeatedly throughout the day. May I never get over the sweetness of being nestled with You, hearing Your voice, sensing Your love and nearness. I need You every hour of every day. Amen.

You are loved,



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