We are thrilled to introduce you to Benjamin and Chelsea Peck, our worship leaders for the REFUGE Retreat. They are pictured here with their little baby, Gabriella, who just *might* make a short appearance or two at our retreat!

Benjamin and Chelsea live on the West Coast, and have experience not only as worship leaders, but as popular folk singers as well. You can take a peek at their website, where they are known as Mr. and Mrs. Something. (When you meet them, ask them the story of how they got their stage names!)

We chose them for this event for many reasons: their incredible harmonies, their desire to join in worship with us and not simply perform for us, their simple instrumentation that lends itself to a retreat atmosphere, and their deep love of the Lord and solid faith in Him despite serious trials, including a recent bout with cancer for Chelsea.

They come with a depth honed in the trenches. They come with a joy that only comes from the Lord Jesus. They come bathed in prayer to worship with us, as we honor God at each main event with praise and adoration. Pray for them as they prepare, and get excited. We are praying for rich, rich worship together with God as our focus and heart’s desire. This dear couple has created a video just for us. You get a “sneak peek” at what is ahead. Enjoy the listen: [smartvideo src=”https://www.dropbox.com/s/kuslpjyt62emsa1/Refuge%20Retreat%20Worship%20Promo%201.mp4?dl=0″ width=”1280″ height=”760″ responsive=true controls=true]


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