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“I am the Lord’s servant … may your word to me be fulfilled.”Luke 1:38a NIV

Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. —Luke 2:19 NIV

It’s quite the amazing story. The life of a young girl, probably a teen, is upended when an angel appears and tells her she has been chosen to carry God in her womb. The One and Only God at one specific and only time in history plans to take on flesh and dwell on earth, beginning in this young girl’s womb. All her plans for a simple life vanish with the flash of the angel’s wings. And yet, her response is one of grace and peace: “I am the Lord’s servant … may your word to me be fulfilled.”

And just like that, Mary moved from obscurity to renown. How did she manage “peace” when her whole world was completely transformed in an instant, when the miraculous invaded the mundane? How did she cope with something so foreign, so unexpected … so unique? I want to learn from her response. Let’s look together, because Mary was a woman who knew how to be at peace even in turmoil. I could use a little of that, couldn’t you?

Mary knew who she was. “I am the Lord’s servant.” Mary was the Lord’s. She knew she belonged to Him completely. As His servant, He was her rightful Master. She came “under” Him—and she was content with that. Oh, we are so much more likely to be at peace when we stop trying to manage the universe ourselves and acknowledge the One who is lovingly, wisely, omnipotently in charge!

Mary wanted God to fulfill His purpose in her life. “May your word to me be fulfilled.” The older I get, the less I “advise” God on how my life ought to go. Great peace comes in trusting that His will is best and resting in that. Mary let go of her plans and received God’s plan for her life. She didn’t argue or turn from it. She walked in it and lived it out in sweet acceptance. I want to be like that.

Mary treasured the important. “Mary treasured up all these things.” What memories did Mary cherish? I wonder. Was it that star that seemed fixed over their little dwelling place? Was it the shining faces of the shepherds arriving to worship, fresh from hearing heavenly music? Was it Jesus Himself held in her arms, actually there though she had “been with no man”? She noticed and remembered the details of that night and considered them treasures. Later she recounted them to Luke who recorded them for us. Let’s not forget the miracles in our own lives. The times God has met us in a deep need or surprised us with an answer when we needed one. At times the veil that separates us from fully seeing the spiritual realm is parted a bit … those times are precious gold.

Mary pondered. “Mary pondered them in her heart.” Mary contemplated all she had seen and experienced. She thought about it. Puzzled over it. These events mattered enough that she lingered over them in her mind. You know what? Pondering requires quiet. We can’t do that if we are rushing about and busy all the time. It’s when we choose “selah” times that we regain peace that can be so easily lost in the hustle and bustle of life. Pondering is not wasted time. If we are thinking on worthwhile truths, pondering solidifies that truth in our lives. Spiritual pondering brings peace in its wake. As we study God’s truths, let’s leave time for pondering.

Oh Father, how beautiful Mary’s words are! Thank You for her example of trust and quiet and peaceful acceptance of Your will for her life. Help me to treasure what is important and to yield to You in all things. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

You are loved,



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