June 3 – Isaiah 6

We are zipping ahead to Chapter 6, today. It’s one of the most well-known chapters in Isaiah. What did you think of that vision and the throne room of God? I can’t imagine the fear I would feel to be in that room with seraphim – created angelic beings that are like nothing I’ve ever seen before – and God Himself. It was a moment Isaiah would never forget and it was the day of his commissioning. Note the order of events. First, Isaiah was transported to the throne room of God. His response after witnessing it was a horror at his own sin. Then, he’s cleansed and his guilt is removed. Next, God asks for a messenger to His people. Our Isaiah signs up for the job. And only then does he hear what his assignment would be. He’s to warn people about upcoming destruction and he’s told in advance that they will not listen.

How would you like that for an assignment? Go and tell people what dreadful things will happen to them. Tell them how God is displeased with them and their lack of worship and notice of all He has done for them. But be aware. They will not listen. And yet, there’s no indication that Isaiah protested. He merely asked how long this judgment would last. He’d seen God. His sins were forgiven. He was given a task. He would do it, no matter how unprofitable it might seem. He trusted God. I love that when God said to Isaiah, “Walk this way,” Isaiah did. All his life until his death.

Note the last part of the last verse in Chapter 6. Even with the news that Israel was going to be practically destroyed, chopped down like a mighty oak, God promises a remnant. And out of that felled tree, a stump will be left, and from that will come the “holy seed” of our redemption: Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord!

My verse: Isaiah 6:3 “They were calling out to each other, ‘Holy, holy, holy is the LORD of Heaven’s Armies! The whole earth is filled with his glory!”

My response: Isaiah became undone when he saw You high and lifted up. Of course he did. You are above all things, and even mysterious, alien six-winged beings – who themselves would terrify me – cry out and proclaim Your holiness, giving You glory! Dear Father-God – how is that You bid us to come to You?  … and yet You do.


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