June 22. I Kings 10:1-27

It’s hard to believe, but this is our last weekend in our study. We will finish next Friday, June 28th. So, let’s look at Solomon in his later years this weekend, shall we? Today, we see him at the peak of his success. Rulers from other nations are coming to learn from him and admire his amazing kingdom. Solomon was super famous. He built fabulous structures, he was able to converse on almost any subject. He studied broadly and knew science, philosophy, and theology. All God had promised to him, God gave. God kept His word to David’s son. Did you enjoy reading about his visit with the Queen of Sheba? I did. I loved imagining what it would have been like.

My verse: I Kings 10:23 “King Solomon was greater in riches and wisdom than all the other kings of the earth.”

My response: Oh the things you can do when you are a nation at peace! I’m so curious about Solomon’s life. Obviously, he was wealthy and had an amazing palace and throne … but did he have a library? Did he have a science lab – or whatever the equivalent would have been? HOW did he gain that wisdom of his? Did he read? meditate? experiment? travel? sit and think? He must have been a great conversationalist if people came to talk and left satisfied … I also wonder, Lord, what did he do for the poor in his land? And with all that wisdom, but without threats and hardships, did he just grow … bored? Should I be more grateful for the hard things that keep me clinging to You? Somehow … at least in our current state in a sinful world … we seem to almost need conflict to grow. Thank You Lord, in any case for this magnificent tale of a time of peace and prosperity in Israel. What a phenomenal time in which to live!

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