In preparation for Friday, here’s your reminder of how we study:

REQUEST – We bow our heads before we begin, get our hearts settled before God, and ask Him to speak to us through His Word.

READ – We read the short passage slowly. Twice. Absorbing, pondering, and looking for one verse that will be “ours” for that day. It could be one that speaks to a deep need or answers a question. It could be a verse we are curious about and want to research further …

RECORD – We literally write out that verse in our journal. We do this so we remember it better. So that with every word we write, we imprint it a bit more in our brains for the day.

RESPOND – When someone says something to us, it’s polite to respond, isn’t it? We write a short reply to the Lord in our journal under that verse, related to what He has shown.

THE SELAH – Extra challenge on the days you have more time to ponder. Why is that “selah” placed where it is in the text? What is it that needs emphasis and a “stop and ponder” command right there?

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