Today’s Musing is from Donna Perkins.

Open my eyes, that I may see
Wondrous things from Your law.
 —Psalm 119:18 (NKJV)

Even though I’m color blind, I still have a good eye when it comes to spotting wild animals … or finding lost objects. I’ve lost count of the times I just happened to glance out my window in time to see a big old fox whizzing by or a deer ambling across the upper field, a moose stepping out of the forest or a coyote making her rounds. At other times, sitting on the patio or walking in the woods, I’ve missed them altogether because they blend right in with the landscape. But they are there, and when I stay still long enough for them to move—or I startle them into flight—I spot them.

More than once my husband has dropped or misplaced something and spent forever, it seems, looking for it. Then I come along, look down, and “Oh, is this what you were looking for?” My poor Ralph is left completely torn between relief, thankful it was found, and frustration, that I found it so quickly after his long search. The fact is that he had probably been looking for so long that it just blended in with the surroundings and needed a fresh set of eyes.

“God sightings.” That’s what my friend Kay calls them. Those moments when God shows up unexpectedly. Actually, He’s been there all along; it’s really that we just now noticed Him. We can get so busy with our everyday stuff … even the everyday time with God in His Word … that we miss a God sighting. We need that fresh set of eyes.

I tend to stick pretty much with my New King James Bible. Mostly just because I love that one. I love the way the words flow. It touches my heart in a special way. Then along comes a devotional, a reading from another translation. All of a sudden, a word, a thought, a lesson jumps right out at me. Why? Because I saw it through fresh eyes.

It’s the same way God works. He shows up in our everyday moments, in our life seasons, and in our experiences. But we often miss Him in the little things, because we’ve grown accustomed to them, and He blends right in. Until maybe some tough times or some uncomfortable or unfamiliar stuff invades our day and forces us see things in a different light. Or… until … we stop and ask Him to give us new eyes to see.

God is everywhere! He wants to be in our everything, and He wants to be our everything. When we lie down, when we get up, when we go for a walk, when we work, when we play, all through our home, inside and outside, and especially the home of our hearts. If we ask Him, He will show Himself and show us wondrous things. I promise you.

Lord, would You bless me today with a “You sighting”? Would You help me to be diligent to look for You everywhere I go? I know You are there because You are an everywhere-all-the-time God, and also because You have promised to never leave me nor forsake me. Help me to see You today. And more importantly, Lord, would You help me to reflect You to others so that they can see You in me today? All my love, Lord, Donna.

Donna is 40+ years happily married, a thankful and proud mama and nana of three children and eight grands—and owned by one mischievous kitty, Shadow. Donna’s passions are animals, nature, “old people,” and spreading the love and encouragement of Christ through sharing His Word.

Safe in His care,
Donna Perkins




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