Welcome! I am so glad you decided to join us on our Sweet Selah Summer adventure!
I’ve long been curious about the little word, “selah,” that is found in the Bible.
No one is absolutely sure what it means, but most scholars think it means to stop and ponder. That’s because it is derived from a word that means to “weigh” something, determining its value.
So … I have prepared short readings for us each day from passages of the Bible that have that little word in them, starting June 1st.
Our assignment will be to ponder together why that selah is there.
We’ll also choose one verse from the passage to copy out for the day, and then will write a short response to the Lord about that verse, which is, of course, His Word to us.
You can learn more about this “4 R” method by watching the video I’ve posted. I’ve also attached the 4 R’s in picture form to this post. Read the checklist below the video to make sure you are ready to go when our study begins!




You will need:

  • A special spot in your home where you can sit and be still for approximately 15 minutes each day
  • You might want to add a lovely cup of tea or iced water or coffee or … !! This makes the time more festive and special-feeling. It’s always special when we meet with the King of kings, right?
  • A journal or notebook in which to record your verse and response each day.
  • A pen! Keep it with your journal, so it is readily available for you each day.
  • A Bible.
  • A “teach me” heart – willing to hear from the Lord who loves you so!

For three weeks, June 1-21, we will use our 4 R method of study. During our last week together, you will get a daily small challenge to (hopefully!) inspire you to keep going on your own throughout the summer. Each day, I’ll post a short little video, sharing what God has taught me as I’ve studied the passage. I’ll also place my verse in the comments section, hoping many others will, too.

You will find the comments section at the bottom of this page. We’ll be sharing our verses and responses there each day. Don’t feel you have to respond each day. I know some days are busy, and you will feel you have done all you can just to complete your 15 minutes! However, it’s so rewarding to learn what others have discovered, so please DO write in the comments as you can. My prayer for you and me is that God will speak through His living Word to all of us, drawing us nearer to His side!

Love, Sharon

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