Week Four John Son of Thunder Apostle of Love

February 28. Revelation 22

Well, our month long study ends today with the last chapter in the last book in the Bible. How fitting an ending that is! John ends as he begins, giving praise to Jesus and yearning for His return. He is fiercely adamant that not one word of what he shares should be changed. No tampering. Sadly, John had experience with false teachers and unholy people in his churches. He wanted to make sure that what Jesus told him is exactly what everyone would read. Nothing should be altered or changed. So, what we have because of this, is Jesus’ actual revelation to His church. Wow.

I love the description of Heaven, don’t you? Can you imagine trees that have different crops and fruit on them each month? Doesn’t that just sound like our creative and wonderful God? Rhythm and variety. Every month of every year there will be a new fruit to enjoy. Such fun! And I can just see that crystal clear river spilling out and pouring down the street from the throne! I love the welcoming words that anyone who is thirsty is welcome to drink! Our God is a lavishly generous God. I love that we won’t need artificial sources for light in Heaven. Our God and His Son provide true Light and I bet it’s of a different dimension and greatness than any light we have ever experienced.

By the end of the chapter, John is crying out, Come, Lord Jesus! He wants so much for the Lord to return. I want to be just as eager, watching for that great day when He comes back in the clouds in full power and might. I have loved watching John and his deep love and faithfulness to Jesus Christ. John has taught me a lot about valuing the truth about Christ and about the supreme importance that love plays in a Christian’s life and heart. I’ve also learned that God did not change John’s personality from Son of Thunder to Apostle of Love. No, God made John the way he was on purpose! Instead, God refined that character so that what John thundered about was truth and the importance of not allowing heresy into the church. And God increased John’s love.

My verse: Revelation 22:16 “I, Jesus, have sent my angel to give you this message for the churches. I am both the source of David and the heir to his throne. I am the bright morning star.”

My response: This just gives me goosebumps. You, Lord Jesus, dictated these words to John. You told him what to write down. And You are both the “source of David” because You created him, and also the “heir to his throne” because you are King of kings and above all thrones and powers and principalities. You are the “bright morning star” so beautiful, so radiant, so pure, so much bigger and more wondrous than I can ever imagine. Even so, Come, Lord Jesus and reign over us!

I’d love to hear from you. What did you learn? What are your takeaways from this study of John? You can comment here or you can email me at sharon@sweetselah.org. Donations are never required, but always welcomed as we seek to help women “take time to know God and love Him more and more” here at Sweet Selah Ministries. Thanks for joining me on this journey. Love, Sharon

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