Dear friends,

Do you know what makes us smile??? Little checks sent in the mail to cover the costs of this course. That’s what! Or, a donation sent to us via our secure website: If everyone sent $5 … well we’d be dancing, that’s for sure.  The nice thing about a course with lots of attendees? You really don’t have to give much. If everyone gives a teensy bit, it more than covers the costs.
(And yes, it all costs. Pictures that we use cost. We pay for a service that makes sure we aren’t violating any copyright laws with our pictures. Computers cost money to run, especially when you need to do back up and have strong virus protection. Internet costs. And we run this course on Facebook AND our website. Websites cost money. And … we even need to pay for a video service in order to post videos on the website. So yeah. It costs money to do these online studies.)
Wanna help? Seriously. A tiny amount is FINE. And if you can’t help? That is absolutely positively not a problem. We are a non-profit ministry so that we don’t have to charge, so that everyone can participate. And if you want to send $10 to help pay for someone else who might not be able to? Well, we might add a little jump to our dance! We love serving you. If you can bless us back a wee bit, thank you. If you can’t? God bless you and we are so very, very glad you are here.  With much love, The Sweet Selah Team
Write checks out to Sweet Selah Ministries and mail to:
Sweet Selah Ministries
Sharon Gamble
4 Riverdale Avenue
Dover, NH 03820

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