December 22. Day Twenty-Six


December 22 – Luke 2:1-7

Peace. Our next three readings, as we near Christmas, are from the most familiar Christmas passages. We start with just the beginning of Luke 2. In it, we see Joseph’s obedience to the authorities over him, despite the terrible timing of their mandate. No one in Rome consulted Joseph as to whether or not it was a good time for him and Mary to take a long and arduous journey. Ever had that experience in your own life? An unexpected tax bill? A broken furnace in winter? Unexpected disruptions happen, often due to no fault of our own. Joseph and Mary were unexpectedly called to travel at a time it was not wise to do so. And, of course, we know why as we look back on the story. That’s where Messiah needed to be born! Let’s try to remember when those terribly timed, unhelpful interruptions come, that God works good out of them. All the time.

We also see Joseph and Mary’s poverty in these verses. They had no rich relatives in Bethlehem to take them in. They didn’t have the kind of finances that would have greased palms and given them a fancier inn. They were poor. The town was crowded. And there literally was no place to go except a stable of some sort. Jesus chose to come and identify with the poorest of the poor.

My verse: Luke 2:5 “He took with him Mary, to whom he was engaged, who was now expecting a child.”

My response: Dear Joseph! It would have been far easier to leave Mary home, I’m sure. But he felt responsible for her and the baby. He wanted them with him. I love this. Mary didn’t face the birth without her Joseph near her. And in Bethlehem, the gossip and disgusted looks would be absent, protecting Mary from woundings of the heart. They could just focus on their baby. Lord, I see Your hand even in this hard journey. Thank You for Joseph.

5 Minute Selah Moment – spend some time in prayer for those who are homeless tonight. When we pray, God moves. May He touch someone in need of His peace, as you pray.

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