December 17. Day Twenty-One


December 17 – Revelation 7:9-17

Joy. We were privileged to get a peek at Heaven, today. We saw how God treats those who went through the great tribulation. He sees suffering. He knows. He cares. And those who will suffer most greatly during the end times are give special graces in Heaven. I love that. I also love that every tribe and nation is represented in the worship of Heaven. When Ray and I lived in Germany, we attended an international church. There were flags hung for every country represented in the congregation. Translators worked to translate the English-speaking service into multiple languages as people wore headphones.

Sometimes our worship songs were in English and often they weren’t. We all sang together, shoulder to shoulder, in worship to the one true God who united us. It’s hard to explain the goosebumps I’d feel on a Sunday morning. We truly do have brothers and sisters all over the world. And someday we’ll be together in one place, filled with joy, as we worship the “Lamb on the throne” who is also the eternal Shepherd. JOY!

My verse: Revelation 7:16 “They will never again be hungry or thirsty; they will never be scorched by the heat of the sun.”

My response: Thank You, Lord, that there will come a time when the weeping and suffering will be over. Instead? JOY in Your Presence. Living water. Tears wiped from eyes. Glorious worship of the One who rescues and saves. Yes!

5 Minute Selah Moment – who do you know from another “tribe or nation” in your own circle of friends and neighbors? Take a moment to pray for them, asking that we would live at peace with all our brothers in sisters in Christ.

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