December 14. Day Eighteen


December 14 – Ezekiel 34:11-24

Joy. I remember the first time I discovered this passage. I was unaware that God spoke directly of being a Shepherd in the Old Testament. I mean, I knew about Psalm 23, David’s description, but here is a prophecy from Ezekiel where God speaks and declares His intent toward us and toward those who abuse His lambs. It just stunned me. I had to read it several times and drink it in. Doesn’t this whole passage make you feel loved? He is fiercely protective of His own. Over and over we see the phrase, “I myself will …” God Himself cares for us and will be with us. If you have committed yourself to Him, then He will never let you go. He’ll go searching for you when you stray. He’ll heal and bless you when you return. You’ve got a forever-loving Shepherd watching over you. Now there’s some fuel for joy!

My verse: Ezekiel 34:15 “I myself will tend my sheep and give them a place to lie down in peace, says the Sovereign LORD.”

My response: You are Sovereign. God Most High. Holy. Vast. Holding Universes in Your Hands. And yet? You – not some underling – will care for us, Your sheep, healing, nurturing, and offering rest and peace. Mighty God, yet Lover of my Soul, I am humbled by Your personal care for me.

5 Minute Selah Moment – ponder shepherds and the amazing honor they were accorded at Christ’s birth. If you have Psalm 23 memorized … recite it softly while you sit quietly.


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