Day 20 – Hosea 3

In Chapter 2 we read God’s story. In Chapter 3 we read Hosea and Gomer’s story. Gomer actually did run away and live with another man. Hosea did obey God and buy her back. Did you know a shekel of silver is worth less than a dollar? Poor Gomer was not “worth” much in terms of money. Less than $15 and a bunch of barley was all it cost to buy her back from this man. But Hosea brought her home and showed Israel the kind of love God has for His people by this object lesson.

I am so curious about Gomer. What was her background? How broken and damaged was she by her past, that she led a life of prostitution and then returned to it, perhaps unable to believe Hosea could actually love her. Did they eventually live happily and wholly together do you think? I surely hope so. For both their sakes.

I love the end of Chapter 3 as Hosea looks into the future. Someday, God’s people “will tremble in awe of the Lord and of his goodness.”  Oh boy YES. How, Lord, after the way we have treated You, snubbed You, all out disdained You, could You still love and want us? Tremble in awe is exactly what we ought to be doing.

Do you remember in the New Testament when Peter asked how many times he ought to forgive someone and Jesus said 70 times 7? Over and over and over … that’s our God. Don’t hide when you sin, friend. Even if you’ve come to Him an embarrassing number of times in the past for that exact same offense. Over and over … God wants you close. Wants to forgive. Wants to take you and speak tenderly to you and clothe you in righteousness. That’s why He came and paid the penalty for your sins and your mess and for my sins and my mess. We serve a God that makes us tremble in awe of His goodness. Amen?

My verse: Hosea 3:5 “But afterward the people will return and devote themselves to the LORD their God and to David’s descendant, their King. In the last days, they will tremble in awe of the LORD and of his goodness.”

My response: Well might we tremble, Lord. Your longsuffering love for us does fill me with awe. Your steady goodness is unlike our human bitterness, pettiness, and hardness of heart. We left You. And You, who do not need us – Who are totally complete with us – wanted us so much You bought us back. Thank You just seems too mild a response, Lord. But thank You.


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