A Thank You and a Suggestion from Sharon


Hello dear fellow Bible study-ers! We are just home from a wonderful week with our Florida family. This is Emma, our little adopted miracle girl. We are so thankful for her story. I am so thankful that God has grafted us in to His family and adopted us as well.

Our Advent Study has finished, but I surely hope your daily times with Jesus have not. What are you studying next? Have you decided? If not … you could always try my new book, Loved. A Bible Study of the Gospel of John. It uses the same 4R format and you can study alone and “chat” with me via the written page, or you can invite friends to join you and meet once a week for nine weeks, answering questions together and sharing the verses that touched you most.  Whatever you decide to do, may your times with the Lord in 2023 be rich and personal and filled with awe as you meet with the God who made you and wants you near Him!  Love and thanks for being a part of the study, Sharon

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