A Face of Faith in an Unexpected Place


Today’s Musing is from Donna Perkins.

“And you shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.” —Mark 12:30a NKJV

A face of faith comes to the forefront of my mind on this personal memorial day today. He doesn’t expect to be there, nor has he asked to be—and certainly not by the avenue through which he has come. But he is there just the same. And he mirrors today’s verse well.

The warmth of the late afternoon sun streamed through my driver’s side window as I sat waiting for a break in the rush hour traffic. I spotted my son’s car sitting up on the hillside of the church parking lot, just waiting for his return home from a week of serving with our youth missions. I thought about going back and putting a little note on his windshield:

“Welcome home son. I’ve missed you, and I am so proud of you. Love, Mama.”

But … I’d been at the church all day, prepping for the following week’s Vacation Bible School. I was tired out and just wanted to go home. So, I decided instead to just tell him in person when I greeted him the following day.

A thought flashed across my mind, “What if he doesn’t come home? He’s not coming home! Then a note won’t make any difference. Lord, would You please tell him for me?” The thought caught hold of me for a bit, but then I dismissed it as I pulled out into the traffic.

A short while later, back at home, steaks on the grill, pup by my side … the phone rang.

At the very moment I had been waiting, thinking, talking to God, a young man was laying down his motorcycle, God was picking up a son, and the Spirit was preparing a mama.

In the midst of all the firsts without him, all the amazing comfort God brought our way, all the miraculous things He did through that event, one moment, one event stands out way above all the rest.

Shortly after the accident, we were told about the man who had the unenviable and holy privilege of being involved and in having an integral part in God’s working in our lives. A man totally committed to loving and serving God … a missionary … a brother in Christ. God graciously kept our Josh’s home-going all in the “family.” His is the face of faith in an unexpected place.

We were told that some of the first words anyone heard him say were: “Was he saved? Did he know Christ? Are his parents saved people?” So bent toward the things of God, so burdened for the souls of men, that looming above himself, was his bigger concern for the soul of this young man and for his family.

Did he have some of those “just being human” moments and thoughts? Oh, absolutely. I’m sure he had lots of them, devastating ones. But to speak those words in the midst of the hardest moment of his life. He is one of the biggest heroes of the faith in my life. Oh, to have a heart for souls like that! Oh, to have a faith like that!

Lord, with a whole lot of trepidation I ask You to so break my heart for the souls of others that I have absolutely no room in it for me, just You! Thank You for the face of faith You have given me in my friend, Steve, and his wife Betty. Continue to comfort, bless, and keep them close, I pray. Lord, would You tell Josh again on this day that I love him and I miss him? Oh, and tell him … I haven’t forgotten about that dance. He’ll know what I mean.

Donna is 40+ years happily married, a thankful and proud mama and nana of three children and eight grands—and owned by one mischievous kitty, Shadow. Donna’s passions are animals, nature, “old people,” and spreading the love and encouragement of Christ through sharing His Word.

All my love, Lord,




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