December 3rd – Matthew 2:1-12

 Spend time meditating on the Magi’s visit and the gifts Jesus received. Then, come back and read the commentary, my verse, and my response to God.

  • Request God’s help.
  • Read Matthew 2:1-12
  • Record a verse that stands out to you.
  • Respond to God.

Come back and read the commentary when you’re finished.

Little ‘k’ king Herod was suspiciously curious when the Magi arrived and enquired about the King of the Jews. Immediately, Herod asks the religious leaders in Jerusalem where the Messiah will be born. “Bethlehem,” they answered, quoting Micah 5:2. Then Herod called a secret meeting with the Magi to discover when the star appeared to them. Herod’s wicked wheels are turning!

“Go and make a careful search for the child,” Herod commands. “Then when you have found Him, come report to me so I too may come and worship Him” (Matthew 2:8 NASB). Like Satan, Herod was a murderer and a liar. He never desired to worship the King; he only wanted to protect his little ‘k’ kingdom.

Still, the Magi travel to Bethlehem, but not without help… The star returned and guided them to Jesus’ location, and they were excited! At this point, you may be wondering how the Magi knew about the Jewish Messiah. Many scholars believe it was Daniel’s influence in Babylon. However, that is not spelled out in scripture. Regardless, God revealed the birth of the Messiah to them, and they believed He was God, the King of the Jews, and that compelled them to worship.

How did you come to know Jesus as Savior and King?

My Verse: Matthew 2:11: “And they came into the house and saw the child with Mary, his mother, and they fell down and worshipped Him, and opening their treasures they presented to Him gifts of gold and frankincense and myrrh” (NASB).

My Response: It had been some time since the shepherds saw Jesus in the manger. Here, Mary and Jesus are in a house, not a stable or a cave. Yet, they are still in Bethlehem when the Magi appear with gifts for the King. Notice they “fell down and worshipped Him.” What an overwhelming scene it must have been to watch these foreigners (we don’t know how many there were) prostrate themselves before Jesus. Not only that, but they also brought lavish gifts fit for The King!

Father, give me a passion for King Jesus! I too long to follow Him wherever He leads and prostrate myself physically and spiritually in humble obedience and love. I am convinced that these foreigners had more faith in Jesus than I do. Forgive me for my half-hearted reverence. Ignite a flame of passion in me to worship King Jesus as He deserves.


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